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At Xatap you can Either buy product via paypal or credit/Debit card which is actually the prototype of all other ecommerce site , What we are different from others is that we also indroduced new thing called as Xatap points. Xatap points can be earned free by completing various tasks such as completing surveys , installing apps , participating in give aways etc.All this tasks are mostly free to do things like signing up and installing apps.When u complete offers like this you will earn xatap points.Each of our products require certain xatap points , which you can redeem it to complete the purchase without actually paying for anything. Basically Advertisers pays Us if you complete any of this offers.So Inturn We give the products for free.Its a win win situation for you and me.If you do not like this points system, you can feel free to pay normally and purchase this product like you always do in other online shopping websites.

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